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Guys & Gals,

I hope you are all doing good and those of you who wrote a paper today… People, i wish you all the best.

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One of my very close friend said jokingly once; “Ayesha your brain’s left hemisphere was surely damaged when you fell of the roof.”

(by the way this happened when i was 12 years old ūüėČ

Guys, i am not very good at writing down my thoughts. Today i am going to give it a try here.

I remember early in my school my teacher once taught us a proverb “Jack of All trade master of none”. At that time I was not sure what does that mean. But i know now.

I was thinking yesterday that what am i good at. One thing that i can do best and better than anyone else. I realized that i can do a little bit of almost everything and i successfully did whatever i fancied. But somehow i never achieved excellence. So this is how i started thinking about it:

Actually last night i was watching a movie about this guy who has achieved nothing special in his professional or personal life. He has a very successful wife and three sweet loving kids. He gets fired from another job, his marriage is at verge of breaking and worst happens when his wife asks him to move out.

So things are pretty fucked up for him and on top of everything matter goes to the family court. He is being instructed by the judge to get a proper job and a suitable apartment if he wants to see his kids more often.

Now there is this lady therapist who is appointed by the court to help him. She takes his interview and asks him; “Do you have any skills… what are you good at”? The guy pauses for a long time and says finally; “I can do good voices, like voice of a king, Stuart little, angry wife, guy next door etc…” Funny; ain’t it

I asked same question from myself, “what are you good it… ,mmm”. No specific skill popped up in my head. This was the time when i realized that i am jack of all trade master of none. I can do a little bit of everything

  1. I wanted to be a Ecologist: did not work out due to lack of opportunities in my country. Ecologists were not well paid and i had a family to support.
  2. Then i tried to be a business professional, switched couple of jobs but still i am stuck as an assistant.
  3. Photos have always inspired me and i believe each and every picture tells a story. My friends say that i take pretty good photos with my very basic camera.
  4. On encouragement of a friend i started shaping a business plan for seasonal flowers small business. But somehow i can’t complete it and standing no where with it.
  5. I can sketch a little bit but not very good at it.

So again same question, “What am i good at?”

I heard a young girl talking at that no matter what happens follow your passion. But what if the passion does not pay your bills? What if you are just untangling the tangled life and almost forget your passion? What if you never got a chance to find what your true passion is?

What is more important; passion, profession, originality, skillfulness or knowing yourself.

I just wonder if i am the only one who is confused at even after 31 years of my life. is there anyone else who is still trying to figure out what to do and how to do.

Can you please share your secrets.



A few weeks back i was at Jumierah Beach Dubai just enjoying the warm afternoon and soon after mesmerizing sunset. I shoot a few photos as well so will take a liberty to share some with you.



Life of Pi

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Movies
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Movie: Life of Pi

Year: 2012

My Rating: 8.5/10

You got to watch this movie if you have not got a chance yet!

Amazing movie with¬†awesome¬†graphics. It’s movie of a young boy Pi who survives a ship wreck but finds himself in a small boat in the middle of the sea. And soon discovers that there is a Bengal Tiger on the same very boat. The journey begins from there and you go on this voyage with Pi and see lots of wonderful things.

You are going to love.




Year: 2012

Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: 7/10
Watched this movie today. Well it’s more like a story in a fantasy movie. It’s about a girl who¬†falls for a circus star attraction.
Movie is very very captivating and for whole 90 minutes you will be spell bound by the amazing graphics and circus tricks. There are hardly any dialogues but still movie is very very expressive.
Plus you are going to love music and songs.
Do watch it =)
Enjoy !!!

Image  —  Posted: December 27, 2012 in Photography by Ayesha